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Why do I need a My Blog?

Your My Blog page lets you organize all your favorites from the American Woodworker site: your favorite showcase, forums, and blogs all in one convenient location. It also lets you choose what personal information you wish to share with others who view your online profile.

How do I write a post?

First, you will need to set yourself with a login and password. Once you’re all set with that, from any page, click on "My Blog" in the upper right corner. In the right hand column, go to "Write a new post”. Clicking that link will take you to an entry form, Type a subject for your blog and then type the blog entry in the window, using the formatting tools as needed. (You can also write your blog using a word processing application or note pad and then paste it into the text window.) Add tags if you like (see "What are Tags?"). When finished, click "Publish." NOTE: Your blog may not appear on the site for up to 5 minutes.

How do I add a photo to my blog entry?

To add a photo to your blog, click on the insert media icon in the toolbar. Copy and paste the image URL from the photo hosting website, or your computer, dimensions (optional) and spacing (optional). Then click "Insert."

What are tags?

Tags are keywords that help others locate your posts, replies and blog entries by subject. Choose a few keywords that describe your post, reply or blog and type them into the Tags field at the bottom of the window.

What is an avatar?

An avatar is a picture or illustration of you (or another picture of your choice that represents you). It is displayed with your posts and replies in message boards and groups and also on your My Blog Page.

How do I set my avatar?

First, choose a digital photo or an illustration you wish to use. Accepted formats are jpg, gif and png. For best results, it should be square. From any page, click on "Edit profile" in the upper right corner. On your My Profile page, find the "Change avatar" link. Click the "Browse" button and locate the photo or illustration on your computer. Then click "Update." Scroll to the bottom of your My Page and click "Save." NOTE: Your avatar may not show up immediately, so be patient.

Why must I log in to use community forums, group forums and leave private messages for other users?

This is to protect the privacy of users and to prevent unwanted/unsolicited messaging.

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