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What is a Blog?


What is a Blog?


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"Blog" is short for "web log."  A blog is an electronic diary. When you write a blog, you'll post it on this website to share with other members. Any member can start a blog for free–everything you need is right here on our website.


Each entry in your blog is called a post. You may write just one post or a whole series of posts, whenever you wish. There's no limit to the number of posts you can add to your blog.

Once you start a blog, any member of the AW community can visit it and read your posts. They can add comments or ask questions, and you can reply. Writing a blog is a great way to share your woodworking experiences with others and get their feedback.

Most posts in a blog are about something you're doing, such as building a project, finding the right wood, or enjoying a new tool. If you have a particular question to ask other members of the AW community, including the editors, we suggest that you post it on one of our Website Help forums. You're more likely to get a larger number of replies.

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