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martin labonte wrote re: BEST BLOG CONTEST
on 04-10-2009 7:47 PM

my best tool is a woodturn,because is magic when i work of this,the possibilties of work is incredible.

Dale Plater wrote re: BEST BLOG CONTEST
on 04-11-2009 9:30 AM

I just completed a polishing station that only cost me the price of 1 hard felt wheel. All the other parts (motor, pulleys, belt, etc:) I had picked up for $0.00

meistercarber wrote re: BEST BLOG CONTEST
on 04-11-2009 11:18 AM

You can build inexpensive box corner clamping jigs using corner mending plates bolted on either side of two thicknesses of MDF cut to an "L" shape. Drill holes through the 'sandwich' for 1/4-inch machine bolts and tighten with lockwashers and hex nuts.

Drill an extra 5/16-inch hole on each leg of the jig to hold the clamps. Use two Bessey TK6 table clamps per jig.

American Woodworker Editors wrote re: BEST BLOG CONTEST
on 04-14-2009 12:19 AM

To Martin, Dale and Meistercarber:

Thanks for your ideas. We would love to hear more about these tools, projects and jigs. Try submitting a photo and description as a blog post. That way your ideas will show up on the home page for more people to see.  If you need help posting click on the How to Post link at the top of the left hand menu of the home page, or enter "how to blog" in the search window.

on 05-09-2009 2:48 PM

I have a stockpile of roughcut boards and crotch slabs from walnut trees that had to be cut down about 10 years ago in our backyard in Northern Virginia. We moved to South Florida almost 6 years ago and all of the boards are here in my shop. I am now using some of the wood to build a blanket rack based on a Shaker design with 4 posts and two crossbars. It's been a real challenge.