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Tool News - 10 Reasons to Organize Your Garage



1 - So you can spend your weekends enjoying what's in your garage.

2 - So you can stop getting in out of your car like you're a NASCAR driver.

3 - Soy you can save money buy not having to replace "lost" items.

4 - Stop being ashamed to have the garage door open.

5 - So you can staop having the kids ask "Where's my stuf?"

6 - Because roller skates are making a come back.

7 - So you can notify the police that the lawn mower you reported stolen last year has be recovered.

8 - You can finally get your husband's golf clubs out of the trunk so there's a place to hide your new purses and shoes.

9 - To be the envy of the neighborhood.

10 - Your wife will notice you did something.


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