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Northern Woods Show


Northern Woods is an annual woodworking show  and competition sponsored by the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild, a group of  amateur and professional woodworkers from throughout the state and surrounding states.  The show  provides an opportunity for Guild members to display and discuss their craft; more importantly, it gives the general public an opportunity to view  high quality woodworking design and construction.  Held at Southdale Center in Edina, MN,  this is the 26th annual edition of the show.    All images were taken by Ramon Mareno. 



Best in Show & Peer Award



"Serpentine Chair" by Tim Gorman

20'' (D) x 24''(W) x 42'' (H)

Cherry, Ebony, Nickle Plated Aluminum, Stainless Steel Rods and Nylon

Finish is gel stain and lacquer





Best Traditional Design



"18th Century Architectural Corner Cupboard" by Joel Ficke

29'' (D) x 59'' (W) x 100'' (H)

Curly Cherry and White Pine

Finish on the cherry is dichromatic colorant sealed with shellac

Finish on the pine is milk paint and linseed oil





Best Carving & Paul Lee Award



"Monkey Man Talks and Thinks at the Same Time" by Cecilia Schiller

9'' (D) x 9'' (W) x 12'' (H)

Basswood, Cherry, Walnut, Birch, Oak, Nylon and Plastic Hair

Finish is wood dyes, oil paint, shellac and oil finish





Best Finish



"Coffee Table" by Jesse Theis

19 1/2'' (D) x 52 1/2'' (W) x 14 1/2 (H)

Black Walnut and Cherry

Finish is shellac, oil and urethane





Best Detail



"Shoji Lamp" by Rich Gotz

18'' (D) x 39'' (H) 

Faux Bamboo (Maple), Ash, Lignum Vitae, Glass and Stones

Finish is minwax antique oil (legs), Maloof oil/varnish (body) and General Finishes High Performance Waterbased Polyurethane

(top of legs and underside)  





Most Technically Accomplished



"Parametric Bench" by Peter Schulzentenberg

15'' (D) x 48'' (L) x 17'' (H)

Solid Maple and Walnut

Finish is Waterlox and wax





Judges Award



"A Case for Chihuly" by Burt Levy

18'' (W) x 42'' (H)

Cherry, Bubinga Glass and LV Light

Finish is oil and varnish





Burton and Ruth Elvig Award



"Jewelry Box" by Rutager West

8'' (D) x 13'' (W) x 6'' (H)

Mappa Burr, Thuya Burl, Ebony and Holly

Finish is French polish





Best Design



"Jewelry Nest" by *** Schultz

13'' (D) x 17'' (W) x 3'' (H)

Wenge, Bird's Eye Maple, Anigre, Spanish Cedar, Bubinga, Ebony, Holly, Kiaat and Bocote

Finish is oil and wax





Best Turning



"Lidded Treasure Box" by Chuck Pitschka

Cherry and Thuya Burl, Ebony top and bottom

Finish is shellac and wax





Best First Time in Show



"Apollo" by Cindy Vargas

23 1/2'' (W) x 10'' (D)

Jatoba is an African hardwood, very dense reddish brown with dark grain pattern. The Rosewood was harvested over 70 years ago a

and passed from a mandolin maker to a carousel maker and then to Three Elements Studios. The copper hardware is all custom 

made by a metal smith.





People's Choice Award



"Star Dancer" by Mark Laub

16'' (D) x 24'' (W) x 65'' (H)

Bubinga, Maple, Ebony, Sycamore, Kiatt, Pau Amarillo, Koa, Holly, Wenge, Abalone, Mother of Pear, Sterling Silver, Glass and 

Patinated Copper

Finished with oil and wax





Woodworking for Pleasure



"Rocket Desk" by Craig Jentz

29'' (D) x 55'' (W) x 31'' (H)

Ash and Granite

Finish is varnish and dye





Best Hardwork



"Black Ash Basket" by Dennis Chilcote

4 1/2'' (D) x 3 1/2'' (H)

Black Ash and Bird's Eye Maple

Finish is linseed oil






"Five Year Table" by Patrick Plautz

14'' (D) x 68'' x 39'' (H)

Birch, Swiss Pear, Black Bean, Santos Mahogany and Black Palm

Finish is satin lacquer






"Wildlife Marquetry" by Bob Kraby

Walnut, Maple, Bird's Eye Maple, Poplar, Jatoba, Purple Heart, Morado, Sycamore, White Oak, Bubinga, Cherry and Blue Pine

Finish is tung oil and wax





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