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In issue 148, May/June 2010, we published a story by Alan Turner on making this workbench.

Allen runs Philadephia Furniture Workshop, a school devoted to fine woodworking. In one of the many classes Allen teaches, students build their own benches during a very busy week. 

The following photos were taken during one of those classes.


Bandsawing the foot mortises.



The leg tenons.



Refining the foot mortises.



Fitting bridle joints.



Laying out base parts.



Completed end assemblies.



Clamping the base.



Drilling the base.



Gluing up tops 1.



Gluing up tops 2.



Drilling holes in the top for captured nuts.



Trimming the ends.

Gluing up the tail vise.

Leveling the tail vise plate.

The tail vise cage.



End view of the tail vise, before gluing on its front.



Testing the top.