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What is SketchUp?

SketchUp is a computer program that allows you to view a woodworking project in three dimensions.


Do I have to buy the software to get started?

No, the software is free. You must download the SketchUp software first before you can view the plans.


How do I learn how to use it?

Click here to watch our free video, SketchUp Viewer for Beginners. The video will show you how to download SketchUp's viewing program and how to use its basic tools.


Isn't there more to SketchUp than just viewing a project?

Yes, there's much more. An advanced version of the program allows you to download our plans and modify the dimensions of the project. You can even add and subtract pieces or redesign the project any way you wish.


How do I learn how to do that?

Learning how to use Sketchup's drawing tools isn't rocket science, but it can get complicated. While the creators of SketchUp offer free tutorials on using their program, you may find that their tutorials aren't particularly helpful for designing or modifying woodworking projects.


We strongly suggest that you watch our series of videos, Beginner's SketchUp and Intermediate SketchUp, which are specifically designed for woodworkers. Click here for more information.



Free SketchUp Plans

Mortiser Cabinet

Bow Front Corner Cabinet

Mitered Jewelry Box

Stickley-Style Plate Rack

Workingman’s Boot Bench

Indoor Planter