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Friday at Brad's Bench May 9th


A Little Bit of Buried Treasure


A friend of mine had an old two-seater Adirondack chair that she figured was rotting and ready for the landfill. But she liked it so much, that she asked me to copy it for her, but build it using composite decking material. Not my favorite material to work with but I agreed and said I'd come over and pick up the old chair to use as a pattern.

When I came to pick up the chair, it was sitting in the front yard sagging and sad-looking with multiple coats of peeling paint with a few spots of black-looking wood here and there. It was pouring rain at the time, so I wanted to throw it in the truck and go. I lifted one end and was surprised at how heavy this thing was. I figured it was just water-logged and didn't want to stand in the rain to investigate any further.

Once I started dismantling the chair, I discovered that it wasn't water-logged at all. The reason it was so heavy was because it was teak. I pulled off a few parts, scraped off some of the paint and headed for the jointer. Although there were some rotten spots where the screws had been, the rest of the wood was beautiful.

My friend who ordered the chair said she didn't want the wood and that I could keep it. Now I just have to figure out a project. Since I'm a bit limited because of the screw holes, I'm thinking small, slender boxes with sliding lids.