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AW Extra - Mitering Tips, 2 New Projects + Making Cathedral Style Doors

September 3, 2010  
Today in AW Extra:
Contemporary Bookcase
This bookcase certainly reflects the credo “Form Follows Function.” It has no ornamentation or superfluous detailing. Not even a back mars its perfect geometry. Its joinery is amazingly simple. There are no angles to cut and no mortises and tenons to fit. In fact, this bookcase has no traditional joinery of any kind, and yet it's rock-solid. Discover what holds it together.
Tips for Perfect Miter Joints
Fitting one miter joint is easy. But unfortunately, miter joints usually come in multiples, and getting them all to fit perfectly can be a real chore. Here are 10 tips that will help you true the fit.
Drill Press Cabinet
Who isn't looking for additional workshop storage space? This cabinet turns forgotten space into perfect storage for drill press accessories.
Cathedral Style Cabinet Doors
Arch-top raised-panel doors are beautiful, but they can be intimidating to make. After years of teaching students how to make these solid wood doors, George VonDriska's got a trick or two up his sleeve to simplify the process and remove the fear factor. Here's his tried-and-true recipe to help you safely and successfully make beautiful cabinet do

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