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AW Extra - 4 New Projects + Workshop Dust Control

September 10, 2010  
Today in AW Extra:

4-Way File Cabinet

Imagine the ultimate home office: an executive desk, a comfy swivel chair, your computer and phone within easy reach, pens and pencils ready to go, books and reference materials neatly arranged on a shelf. The only thing missing is a place to store all your files and paperwork.

Shop-Made Router Lift

Stop fumbling under your router table! This router lift offers precise above-the-table bit-height adjustment and easy bit changes. It hangs off the back of the router table, not on the top where the excess weight can lead to sagging. It isolates the the router in the cavity below the table, so it inhales only clean, dust-free air, and a dust port built into the lift helps to provide efficient dust collection. Sure, you can buy a commercial mechanism, but you'll save a lot of dough if you build this ingenious router lift.

Cube In A Cube

Kids consider this gizmo a toy, but it drives adults nuts, because they think it's a puzzle. They're sure there's some way to get the little cube out of the big cube, but they can't figure out how to do it. Here's a great opportunity to perplex your friends.

Raised-Panel Tablesaw Jig

You don't need expensive router bits to make great-looking raised panels for doors and cabinets. A tablesaw, some plywood scraps and about an hour of shop time are all it takes to build this handy panel-raising jig.

Breathe More Easily

Keeping your shop clean involves more than sweeping. Capturing wood dust at the source, especially the fine airborne particles that you can't see, should be a top priority. Woodshop Dust Collection covers everything you need to know to set up a safe, clean woodshop environment. You’ll find information about dust collectors, air scrubbers and shop vacuums, plus learn how to install ductwork to create your own dust collection system. Simply put, this book is chock-full of practical solutions to clear the air in your shop.

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