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AW Extra - 25 Years of Great Woodworking at Your Fingertips

September 24, 2010
Today in AW Extra:

25 Years of Great Woodworking


Be the first to own The Complete 25-Year American Woodworker Magazine Collection on DVD. This expansive digital library places a quarter-century of woodworking expertise right at your fingertips. It's chock-a-block full of eye-catching projects for your home and yard, buying tips for tools and lumber that allow you to get the most for your hard-earned dollars, and shop-proven techniques and short cuts that allow you to make the most of your precious woodshop time. We're sure you'll agree it's a must-have workshop tool.

Get FREE STANDARD SHIPPING (US Only) when you order the DVD collection between now and December 31, 2010. Enter promotional code AWDVD when ordering.

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Build a Modern Tool Cabinet

In the old days, master furniture makers utilized every square inch of space in their tool chests with custom-fit nooks and crannies for hand tools. Today’s woodworker needs a different kind of storage space, geared toward power tools. By offering a massive amount of space that can be customized to adapt to an ever changing arsenal of power tools, this cabinet is just the ticket.

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Cut a Haunched Mortise & Tenon Joint

The haunch—that short little stub tenon at the top of the joint—adds strength and rigidity to any mortise-and-tenon joint. It helps prevent the rail from twisting and increases the joint's glue surface area. Of all the variations on the mortise-and-tenon joint, this is one of the best, and it's useful in many applications. Here's an accurate and reliable method to master this super-strong joint.

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Turn a Wooden Plate

Got an offcut from a beautifully figured board? Head to the lathe and turn it into a plate! Standard 3⁄4" thick wood and a shop-made chuck are all you need to create unique tableware.

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Woodworker's Drill Press

Think of all the features you'd want in a drill press: a large rectangular table that tilts left, right and forward, with a replaceable center insert, T slots and flat edges for easy clamping and a large crank for raising and lowering, angled so you don't whack your knuckles, a long stroke, dual lasers, an auto-tensioning quick-release belt drive mechanism—you'll find them all on this dream drill press.

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