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AW Extra - 2 Great Projects + Perfect Box Joints + Buying Wood Table Slides

October 8, 2010
Today in AW Extra:

Treasured Wood Jewelry Box

Somewhere in the dark recesses of your shop you’ve probably squirreled away a small piece of special wood, just waiting for the right project. No doubt you’ve saved it to become the centerpiece of something well-crafted, small in scale and novel in design. The perfect project to showcase that dusty board is this jewelry box.

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Box Joints on the Router Table

All you need to make box joints on a router table are a sharp bit and a basic plywood jig. Getting a precise fit, though, can be tough, because the line between success and failure is only a few thousandths of an inch thick. Fortunately, this story has the solution—a jig with a micro-adjust system that's incredibly precise. Specifically designed for the jewelry box featured above, this jig virtually guarantees perfect box joints.

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Traditional Wooden Table Slides

Tables that expand by pulling apart to allow adding leaves have been around since the early eighteenth century, when the table slide was first developed. Effective and durable, this simple expansion mechanism has stood the test of time. Now available from Osborne Wood Products, wooden table slides give traditional-style tables traditional-style authenticity.

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Small Parts Carousel

Here's a way to store all that indispensable small stuff that clutters your workshop. Based on a rotating bolt cabinet from an old-fashioned hardware store, this re-design rotates on inverted swivel casters. Easy to build, because there’s no complicated joinery, it's just your basic shop storage miracle.

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