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AW Extra - Bandsaw-Loving Cats + 5 other Bandsawing Tales

October 15, 2010
Today in AW Extra:

How to Resaw with Your Bandsaw

Resawing allows you to cut logs onto lumber, make thin boards from thick stock and even saw your own veneer. It's true that resawing just plain baffles some woodworkers, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be surprised at what you can do, even on a small bandsaw. Here's what you need to know to resaw with your bandsaw.

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Make a Push-Button Bandsaw Box

If you’ve ever been to a woodworking trade show, you’ve probably seen me demonstrating on the bandsaw. I’ve been doing it for, oh, 21 years now–a long run. Last year, I introduced this bandsawn box with drawers that pop out with the push of a button. It took a while to figure out how to make the mechanism work, but it’s really quite simple. Let me show you how.

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6 Ways to Improve Bandsaw Performance

I love bandsaws, even though they have a reputation as troublesome tools. I’ve tinkered with dozens of them, trying to understand how they work and how they should be set up. One thing I know for sure is that most of them benefit from a tune-up. Here are six procedures to improve your bandsaw’s performance.

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All About Premium Resaw Bandsaw Blades

A bandsaw is capable of making extremely precise cuts, from slicing sheets of thin veneer to cutting intricate curves—it's truly an amazing machine. Yet many of us think that bandsaws are for rough work only, because our attempts at precision work are unsuccessful. Guess what? The culprit probably isn't your saw or your technique—it's your ordinary blade. You’ll be amazed by the improvement when you install a premium bandsaw blade.

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Shop Project: Bandsaw Fence

Commercially made fences for 14" bandsaws are quite good, but many miss the boat when it comes to one crucial feature: You can’t easily adjust them for blade drift. Without that adjustment, it’s difficult to make a long, straight cut with a consistently square edge. This fence is a cinch to adjust for drift. Three optional attachments add even more versatility. Where commercial models fall short, this bandsaw fence shines.

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Bandsaw-Loving Cats

The pied piper of Hamlin has nothing on this guy and his bandsaw.

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