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AW Extra - Shop Tours, a Disaster and a Great Shop Project

October 22, 2010
Today in AW Extra:

Bunker Shop

Several years ago I finally decided to build my dream workshop. But according to the city bylaws in Quebec, Canada, where I live, my yard wasn’t large enough for the shop I had planned. One day while I was lobbying at the city offices, a clerk jokingly said "Well, there are fewer restrictions when you build underground.”

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Victorian Shop

I spend many hours tinkering and building furniture pieces, built-in cabinets and various other projects in my garage workshop. Early Saturday mornings while the rest of my family sleeps, it's my private retreat.

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Tweener Shop

I built my wedge-shaped workshop twelve years ago. It’s 470 square feet, which is too small, as every woodworker knows, but my options were limited, because my shop had to fit between the house and garage.

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Boatbuilder's Shop

The impetus for building my shop was to satisfy a passion that my late brother Glen and I had for building boats. After occupying his garage and my sister’s storage, we knew we needed a dedicated shop. The building, which overlooks the St. John River Valley in St. David, Maine, is a 24' x 34' post-and-beam saltbox. In boat builder’s lingo, her scantlings are massive.

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Rusty Shop

What not to store in a closed-up shop.

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How to Hyper-Organize Your Shop—A Reader Favorite!

Recently my neighbor remodeled his garage using a commercial wall-slat system. That got me thinking, because I’ve struggled with the clutter in my small garage shop for years. Using 1/4" and 3/4" plywood, I created a hook-and-slat system that organizes all my tools, hardware, shop supplies and hand tools. Simple and flexible, it's a tool organizing touchdown!


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