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AW Extra - Dust Collection Tips Tools & Tales + A Great Project

October 29, 2010
Today in AW Extra:

Useful Dust Collection Tips

Controlling dust in a woodworking shop is a big job, because virtually every operation adds to the mess. Purchasing a shop vacuum or a dust collector is usually the first step. But because woodworking tools spew dust in such a variety of ways, there's no universal solution. Overall success typically results from a number of small improvements.

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One Smart Dust Collector

Oneida's new Smart Dust Collector automatically adjusts and maximizes air volume and suction to a wide range of tools, hoses, and suction ports. The result is much more air at the tool and much less fugitive dust escaping into the air. Average dust collectors watch out—this smart version is going to the head of the class.

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A Central Dust Collection Primer

Small, one-person shops don’t need complicated dust collection systems. Here's how to get powerful collection at the lowest possible price. Even if your shop is shoehorned into a corner of your basement or garage, you can still enjoy the benefits of central dust collection.

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Milk Jug Dust Collection

Got milk? Here's a simple way to
curb your router's dust-spewing habit

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Build a Bow-Front Bookcase-A Reader Favorite

This stylish bookcase combines straightforward joinery and materials in a design that won’t overwhelm your budget or your room. Its center and end panels look like solid wood, but they're made using a laminated plywood approach called “sandwich” construction, one of several techniques that make this bookcase
an interesting and fun-to-build project


This great shop project is one of hundreds you'll find on The Complete 25-Year American Woodworker Magazine Collection on DVD. This expansive digital library places a quarter-century of woodworking expertise right at your fingertips.
It's a must-have workshop addition.

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Dust Storm Disaster

One woodworker's proof that good intentions can lead to bad results.

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