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AW Extra - Cool Gift Projects + Hot Stocking Stuffer Tools

November 5, 2010
Today in AW Extra:
Gift Project #1: Elegant Serving Tray

Snacks, hors d’oeuvres or breakfast in bed: this tray delivers the goods in style. It weighs almost nothing, but it’s built to last and it requires so little wood that you probably won’t even have to go to the lumberyard. If there are lots of names on your gift list, this elegant tray may be just the thing, because it's easy to make in multiples.

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Gift Project #2: Treasured Board Table-A Reader Favorite

Every woodworker discovers an extraordinary piece of wood once in a while. What do you do with it? One board isn't enough for a big project and it’s a crime to cut it up into small pieces for a little project. So you stash it away, like a pirate burying his treasure, and wait for the perfect project. This is it.

This great shop project is one of hundreds you'll find on The Complete 25-Year American Woodworker Magazine Collection on DVD. This expansive digital library places a quarter-century of woodworking expertise right at your fingertips. It's a must-have workshop addition.

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Stocking Stuffer #1: No-Nonsense Mortise & Tenon Jig

The General E•Z Pro Mortise & Tenon Jig provides a simple solution for cutting mortises and tenons. Designed for use with a plunge router, the jig comes completely assembled and ready to produce 1/4" mortise and tenon joints from 1" to 3" long in stock from 1/2" to 1-1/2" thick. An optional kit is available to cut 3/8" and 1/2" joints. Here's traditional joinery without the traditional fuss.

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Stocking Stuffer #2: Workshop-Friendly Cordless Tools

Porter-Cable's new 12 Volt MAX* Lithium cordless power tools offer power and durability for light- to medium-duty applications in compact and lightweight packages. The 3/8" drill/driver and 1/4" impact driver shown here are available separately or packaged together. These compact drivers are ideal for woodworking shops.

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Stocking Stuffer #3: Innovative Router Lift

The MLCS PowerLift isn't just another me-too motorized router lift. It allows you to make plunge cuts (to rout a stopped dado, for example) on a router table without having to lower the workpiece onto a spinning bit. Instead, you use the PowerLift's electronic controls to set the bit's depth of cut and the mechanism's vertical-travel speed. Then you position the workpiece, start the router and press on the PowerLift's foot pedal to raise the spinning bit. This innovative device definitely puts a new spin on motorized router lifts.

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