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AW Extra - More Cool Gift Projects + Hot Stocking Stuffer Tools

November 12, 2010
Today in AW Extra:

Gift Project #1: Elegant Hallway Mirror

My front hallway is the most heavily traveled and usually the most cluttered space in my home. Tired of misplacing my keys and other small items, I found a way to keep everything organized—and to make sure I look my best before dashing out the door. This simple but elegant hallway mirror is the first thing guests see when they enter my home.

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Gift Project #2: Molly Brown's Parlor Table—A Reader Favorite

This table is an accurate reproduction of one purchased by Molly Brown and her husband in the late 1880s when they lived in the rough mining town of Leadville, Colorado. The Browns kept this table after they struck it rich and moved to Denver's most prestigious neighborhood, and it resides there today in the Molly Brown House Museum. Bearing all the hope and exuberance of a young America during its age of westward expansion, this table—which disassembles for transport—is simply but ingeniously built.


This great shop project is one of hundreds you'll find on The Complete 25-Year American Woodworker Magazine Collection on DVD. This expansive digital library places a quarter-century of woodworking expertise right at your fingertips. It's a must-have workshop addition.

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Stocking Stuffer #1: Small Scroll Saw with Big Features

The new Excalibur EX-16 scroll saw from General International includes Excalibur's unique tilting head design, as well as parallel arm construction, quick blade tensioning and fine adjustment, electronic variable speed and tool-free blade changes. In other words, all the important features that scrollers have come to expect from Excalibur are present in this 16"-throat-capacity scroll saw.

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Stocking Stuffer #2: Lovable Scraping Plane

Sometimes a wood grain’s direction is so unruly that planing just gets you in trouble, because tearout is inevitable. For this situation, the hand tool to pick up is a scraper. A card scraper is fine for small areas, but to avoid ripples or hollows, you're better off using a scraper plane. Here's a small one from Veritas that’s not merely an updated version of an old design—it's new and different, very well engineered and a pleasure to use.

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Stocking Stuffer #3: How to Solve Your "Bookshelf Problem"

Whether you live in an apartment, a condominium or a house, eventually you'll face the "bookshelf problem." That is, what to do with all the books and objets d'art you acquire and the CDs and DVDs you can't live without. Here's a superb collection of 20 storage projects, from a simple wall shelf to a grand bookcase. With clear step-by-step instructions, sharp photos, detailed shop drawings and complete cutting lists, How to Make Bookshelves & Bookcases is guaranteed to help solve your bookshelf problem.

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