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AW Extra - Slip-Sliding Woodworking

December 17, 2010
Today in AW Extra:

Sliding Bookrack

I’ve always admired the work of Charles and Henry Greene, architects who designed Arts & Crafts homes and furnishings in the early 20th century. So when I needed bookends to hold some special volumes, I turned to these gifted artists for inspiration.

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Sliding Miter Saw Dilemma

Choosing the right sliding miter saw can be daunting, because there are so many choices. Is it wise to super size? 12" sliders have the most capacity, but they're cumbersome and they can cost twice as much as an 8-1/2" slider. 10" sliders balance capacity and portability, so they may be the safe choice. But is there really such a thing as a safe saw?

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Sliding Door Bookcase

Glass doors make a bookcase, but installing hinged doors can be challenging. Ditto for doors that lift open and slide back—on a Barrister’s bookcase, for example. Sliding doors are easy to install. They’re also ideal for a bookcase designed to fit in a space where doors that swing out might get in the way.

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Sliding Drill Press Table

This shopmade drill press table includes an easy-to-adjust fence. As long as you're upgrading, why not add handy storage for all your drill press-related accessories?

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Sliding Wall-O-Tools
American Woodworker 25 Years of Issues DVD

This tool storage system takes advantage of the narrow space in the corner of a garage. When the unit is closed, there's ready access to the tools hanging on both doors. Sliding one or both doors provides access to the shelf space behind them.

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20 Furniture Projects—Now Available!

Thumb through complete plans and how-to information for 20 different projects all wrapped up in one complete special issue. You’ll enjoy 6 large projects, including a classic Stickley-style sideboard, a frame-and-panel hope chest and a a two-part bookcase. Six medium-sized projects feature an outdoor chair and picnic table, plus a Queen Anne footstool. For last-minute, quick and easy projects (think holidays!), you'll find 8 ideas for one-day items including a photo-album, a wall shelf and a turned plate. Shipping now – only $9.99.

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Woodworking Projects Galore

The Complete 25-Year American Woodworker Magazine Collection on DVD is loaded with woodworking techniques, tips and projects like the ones featured in this newsletter. This expansive digital library places a quarter-century of woodworking expertise right at your fingertips. It's a must-have workshop addition.

American Woodworker 25 Years of Issues DVD
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Special Offer: Holiday 2-for-1 Deal

This holiday season, you can subscribe or renew your subscription to American Woodworker magazine AND give a one year gift subscription to a friend—both for one low rate! That's 2 subscriptions for the price of 1! Plus, you and your friend will both receive “7 Shop Storage Solutions,” a FREE GIFT to download now!

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