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AW Extra - Woodworking Resolutions for 2011

Today in AW Extra:

Mill Perfect Edge Joints with Your Jointer

Jointers are supposed to cut straight, square edges—but all too often, they don't. Few things are more frustrating, especially when you're trying to mill perfectly-fitting edge joints. Here's a six-step tune-up that should set your jointer straight. It's easy to do and will only take an hour or two, depending on how many problems you unearth.


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Choose the Right Drawer Slides

Drawer slides come in so many variations it's tough to know which one to buy. Here are nine common types of drawers and recommendations for the type of slide to buy for each.


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Turn a Wooden Baseball Bat

The crack of a baseball against a wooden bat is a wonderful sound that's been largely replaced by the metallic “clink” of an aluminum bat. Here's a chance to treat your kids to the sound and feel of real, old-time baseball.


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Win a Tablesaw
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Build a Budget-Friendly Workbench

Quick, cheap and solid: You can’t ask much more from a workbench, and this one delivers it all. Made plain old 2x4s and plywood, this durable, 250-lb heavyweight has all the features of a master cabinetmaker’s bench.


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Learn the Basics of Bent Lamination

A bent lamination is simply a board sliced into thin, flexible plies and glued back together in a form to create a curved shape—anything from a simple arch to a wildly undulating compound curve. Here are 10 tips to help you get started. With a little practice, you’ll be ready to handle any curve.


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20 Furniture Projects—Now Available!

Thumb through complete plans and how-to information for 20 different projects all wrapped up in one complete special issue. You’ll enjoy 6 large projects, including a classic Stickley-style sideboard, a frame-and-panel hope chest and a two-part bookcase. Six medium-sized projects feature an outdoor chair and picnic table, plus a Queen Anne footstool. For quick and easy projects, you'll find 8 ideas for one-day items including a photo-album, a wall shelf and a turned plate. Shipping now—only $9.99.

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