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AW Extra - It's Not Too Late! More Woodworking Resolutions for 2011

Today in AW Extra:

Master Hand-Cut Dovetails

The handmade half-blind dovetail joint is an enduring symbol of fine craftsmanship. Mastering this joint typically takes lots of practice, but with American Woodworker Editor Tom Caspar's innovative new method, you can make perfect half-blind joints the very first time you try.


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Explore Your Inner Woodworker

No can do? Then visit Mark Love's blog. Mark's a former minister, so he's comfortable grappling with the spiritual nature of woodworking. An exceptional craftsman, he writes openly about his struggles, working methods and triumphs.


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Build a Solar Kiln

You can save a lot of money by buying green wood and drying it yourself, and a solar kiln is the simplest and safest way to dry green wood quickly. It’s as close as you can get to a “set it and forget it” system.


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Win a Tablesaw!
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Upgrade Your Hand Plane

Upgrading a blade and chipbreaker can turn a pretty good plane into a dream tool. If you’ve been thinking about buying a premium plane, here’s an alternative plan: Tune up an old Stanley plane and replace its blade and chipbreaker with this new set from IBC/Pinnacle. You’ll be amazed at what an old tool can do.


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Flatten Monster Boards

If you shy away from beautiful wide boards because you don't have an aircraft carrier-sized jointer to flatten them, this story is for you. Dave Munnkittrick explains four tried-and-true techniques that will allow you to flatten any size board with confidence.


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20 Furniture Projects—Now Available!

Thumb through complete plans and how-to information for 20 different projects all wrapped up in one complete special issue. You’ll enjoy 6 large projects, including a classic Stickley-style sideboard, a frame-and-panel hope chest and a two-part bookcase. Six medium-sized projects feature an outdoor chair and picnic table, plus a Queen Anne footstool. For quick and easy projects, you'll find 8 ideas for one-day items including a photo-album, a wall shelf and a turned plate. Shipping now—only $9.99.

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