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AW Extra - Meet an Exotic South American and Other Gorgeous Woods

February 4, 2011
Today in AW Extra:

Experience the Magic of Cherry

What is it about old cherry that’s so fascinating? Freshly planed cherry is surprisingly bland in color, but after a few years, it glows like the embers of a warm, comforting campfire. To make that magic happen doesn’t require smoke and mirrors, though, just smart buying and knowledgeable woodworking.


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Compare Mahogany and Its Look-Alikes

Stunning grain. Huge boards. A dream to work. What wood fits this bill? Honduras Mahogany, of course. But prices for this magnificent wood have gone sky-high, so everyone's looking for similar but less expensive woods. Are these substitutes as good as the real McCoy?


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Win a Tablesaw!
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Unlock the Beauty of Oak

Boldly displaying spectacular quartersawn figure can turn an ordinary project into a blue-ribbon winner. Here are three ways to cut oak boards so legs, panels and the top of a piece all contribute to a grand effect.


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Give Knots a Chance

Knots are usually cut out of boards and thrown on a scrap heap. But take a closer look. In hardwood boards, knots are often surrounded by stunning grain, and the best examples crop up on some of the least expensive boards.  Why not make this unusual wood the focal point of your next project?


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Meet an Exotic South American

Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is a South American wood that's as exotic as its name. It sinks in water like cast iron, is hard as nails and polishes like brass. Of course, you don’t really have to weld it, but working with ipe may make you question your sanity. Is it wood or metal?

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20 Furniture Projects—Now Available!

Thumb through complete plans and how-to information for 20 different projects all wrapped up in one complete special issue. You’ll enjoy 6 large projects, including a classic Stickley-style sideboard, a frame-and-panel hope chest and a two-part bookcase. Six medium-sized projects feature an outdoor chair and picnic table, plus a Queen Anne footstool. For quick and easy projects, you'll find 8 ideas for one-day items including a photo-album, a wall shelf and a turned plate. Shipping now—only $9.99.

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