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AW Extra - The Jig is Up! 9 Must-Have Woodworking Jigs

February 11, 2011
Today in AW Extra:

3 Great Router Jigs

These classic jigs for dadoing, mortising and making shelf-pin holes will expand your woodworking capabilities by leaps and bounds. They’re indispensable in any modern woodworking shop.

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4 Handy Tablesaw Jigs

These useful jigs take advantage of the tablesaw’s power and precision without tempting you to perform risky operations. The first jig crosscuts small parts without putting your fingers in harm’s way, the second accurately rips very thin stock without risking kickback, the third safely crosscuts panels for casework and the fourth cuts precisely tapered legs.

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Win a Tablesaw!
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Ingenious Sharpening Jig

I've been looking for the ultimate sharpening system for years, one that can quickly and accurately grind and hone a perfect edge. One day I looked at my drill press and electric sander and a light bulb went on. Why not combine the slow speed, power and accuracy of the drill press with the latest in abrasives technology. This system is the result. Goodbye to the stone age!


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Precision Box Joint Jig

Box joints are the savvy woodworker’s alternative to machine-cut dovetails. Strong and great looking, box joints are an especially good choice when you have a large number of joints to produce. The big challenge is cutting pins and sockets that are virtually the same size, with paper-thin tolerances for fitting the joint. This jig excels, because it allows making paper-thin adjustments.

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20 Furniture Projects—Now Available!

Thumb through complete plans and how-to information for 20 different projects all wrapped up in one complete special issue. You’ll enjoy 6 large projects, including a classic Stickley-style sideboard, a frame-and-panel hope chest and a two-part bookcase. Six medium-sized projects feature an outdoor chair and picnic table, plus a Queen Anne footstool. For quick and easy projects, you'll find 8 ideas for one-day items including a photo album, a wall shelf and a turned plate. Shipping now—only $9.99.

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