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AW Extra - My Dog's Clamp Storage Tip + 11 More from Humans

February 25, 2011
Today in AW Extra:

7 Classic Ways to Store Clamps

Woodworking clamps are like potato chips. You can't buy just one. In fact, there are so many different types of must-have clamps, keeping them organized and accessible can be a real chore. Here are seven solutions to stimulate your creative thinking about clamp storage.

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Clamp Leash

My spring clamps were always out of reach or scattered around the shop until my dog gave me this excellent storage tip.

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Cabinet Door Clamp Rack

When it comes down to it, virtually any vertical surface can store clamps.

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Win a Tablesaw!
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Clamp Camp

This no-nonsense clamp rack offers ready access and compact storage. Dowels and a piece of plywood store over 20 indispensable clamps in only 2 square feet of wall space.

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At-the-Ready Clamp Rack

Keep your pipe clamps ready for action by storing them where you use them. This simple storage rack nestles under the top of an assembly table.


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Overhead Clamp Rack

Here's a clever way to hang pipe clamps from the ceiling. The rack's center block keeps the handles from rotating when they slide in, so they won't fall out.

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