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AW Extra - Frame & Panel Special—4 Ways to Make Doors

March 17, 2011
Today in AW Extra:

Slot & Spline Doors

This simple frame-and-panel door is held together by splines cut from the same 1/4" plywood as the panel, so both parts fit the slots in the stiles and rails. This joinery is much faster to complete than traditional mortise and tenon joinery.

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Tombstone Doors

So called because their shape resembles a grave marker, tombstone doors became popular during the 18th century. Today, modern versions of these arched-top doors appear on everything from fine furniture to kitchen cabinets. Renowned furniture maker Lonnie Bird shows how he creates traditional tombstone doors.

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Win a Lathe, a Blade and Bit Set, or a Tablesaw

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Divided-Light Doors

Divided-light doors have nothing to do with prisms. Their curious name simply describes a door with multiple panes of glass. This story shows how to create great-looking divided light doors for a bookcase, a corner cupboard or even a classic country hutch using dedicated router bits.


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Curved Doors

Are curved doors out of your league? Think again. This story shows how to simplify the process by using Kerfkore, a manufactured product based on the principle of sawing multiple kerfs on the back of a piece of plywood to make it flexible.

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Start Planning Your Spring Projects!

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