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AW Extra - Happy April Oops! Day!

March 31, 2011
Today in AW Extra:

Oops! Sanding Au Naturel

Disrespect your belt sander and you may feel like calling for Mommy! Wouldn't it be better to tame your belt sander instead.

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Oops! Flying Sawdust

A saw that buzzes through boards is a good thing. A tablesaw that buzzes like this guy's saw—well, that’s a problem. Making his saw buzz usefully again will take some work. What would you do? Run for cover or jump at the opportunity to accurize your tablesaw.

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Win a Lathe, a Blade and Bit Set or a Tablesaw!

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Oops! Welded Router

Ignoring a frayed router cord is like driving blindfolded—sooner or later there's going to be a big bang. This guy might not live long enough to benefit from these 17 router tips.


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Oops! Talkin' Trash

This darn miter saw won't cut anything—it's a piece of trash. Or is it? Maybe all it needs is some tough love—by someone who knows how to master the miter saw.

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Start Planning Your Spring Projects!

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