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AW Extra - New Tools for the Well-Equipped Shop

April 21, 2011
Today in AW Extra:

New Compact Routers

Laminate trimmers (also called trim routers) are popular with woodworkers because of their diminutive size. Despite having limited power and not-so-precise adjustment controls, laminate trimmers are handy for small woodworking tasks. The game is about to change, though, thanks to new compact routers from DeWalt and Porter-Cable. These machines combine the maneuverability of laminate trimmers with the power, versatility and user-friendly features of larger routers.

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New Set-Up Jig for Lock Miters

A lock miter creates lots of surface area for glue and a tight mechanical fit—the two requirements of any good woodworking joint. It's an excellent choice for boxes and small cases. Unfortunately, setting up a lock miter bit in a router table is tricky. Prazi USA's new GrooveCenter jig makes the process much easier. Feeling adventurous? You can still create perfect lock miter joints the old fashioned way.

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Win a Lathe or a Blade and Bit Set!

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New Specialty Saw Blades

The Micro-Kerf 40 10" saw blade goes where no thin-kerf blade has gone before. According to Total Saw Solutions, this super-slim blade cuts thin as a dime and leaves a very smooth finish. Forrest says its new Square-Top Woodworker II saw blades cut true 90º grooves without leaving score marks. That makes them perfect for box joints and other non-through cuts. When you consider these and other specialty blades, it's helpful to know about essential saw blades.

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New Two-Handed Sander

Ever wish you had an extra handle on your sander? It would provide extra control and relieve the tedium of sanding with only one hand. Makita’s new 5" random orbit sander has a detachable handle that can rotate to any position. But did you know that using the second handle to apply extra pressure will create ugly swirl marks? It's true. Click here to find more tips for faster, smoother better sanding.

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Start Planning Your Spring Projects!

The American Woodworker Bookstore has everything you need to start spring projects, from bookshelves and keepsake boxes to nesting trays and coffee tables. For just $3.99 you’ll get complete how-to instructions for an enjoyable woodworking project. Be sure to check back each week, as new projects and plans will be added throughout the spring season. Shop Now!

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