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keepsake box



john soika wrote re: keepsake box
on 03-22-2009 2:51 PM

as you can see my computer skills are not the best but anyway, this is a box made from american black walnut with inlay strips on top, wood for sides is crabwood from south america,dovetail keys of purpleheart in corners, brass knob & feet ,the divided is spalted maple, natural danish oil wet sanded to 600 grit , 4-5 coats of clear poly with light sanding in between, 12" X 5 1/2" X 4" high.

Cougar96 wrote re: keepsake box
on 03-25-2009 12:07 PM

Nice looking box! How did you determine what kinds of wood to use? Is this box heavy?

john soika wrote re: keepsake box
on 04-06-2009 8:51 AM

woods used were ones that i had on hand & yes the box is rather heavy because stock used is 3/4" thick.