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Old lathe



Hey  Serge, heres a picture of my '62 lathe. You said"Nothing like seeing it."!!  I say "Nothing like playing with it!" Regards,BB

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Trubs wrote re: Old lathe
on 04-17-2009 2:33 AM

Morning,bradley 59,

I started with a lathe like that some 20 years ago.It`s a good lathe and I used mine for about 2 years then I was offered a deal I could not turn down,and sold it to a cabinet maker.When you turn on the outboard side,just make sure the bench is well anchored down.All the best with your turning, trubs.

bricofleur wrote re: Old lathe
on 04-17-2009 12:08 PM


I saw that lathe before. According to the switch, I believe it's a Craftsman. I think several years ago I saw the same model under the name Mastercraft.

When using it, I hope you don,t bend over to pick you turning tools behind the lathe. That would be hazardous!



bradley59 wrote re: Old lathe
on 04-20-2009 9:36 PM

Thanks again for some good advise,guys! The bench is anchored to the wall by a ledger board,so its pretty solid. And I'll make a better place for the tools, Serge! Regards'BB