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China Hutch


 Hi guys my name is Brandon Seger. I am a junior at Ulysses High School in Kansas and i dont mean to brag but i am very very proud of the project that i have done this year. I made a China Hutch that is 7' 6" tall and is 6'4" wide. I put many many hours of work into this at my highschool with my dad who is a woodshop teacher in a town close to us. I have always been around wood projects and seen them my whole life. My dad is very much an artist at woodwork. His name is Merl Seger and has taught me everything i know. I remember telling my dad that when i get into highschool that i would go and beat him in woodworking and he told me that he hopes i do. Well now that my project is over he said that indeed i have beaten him. He said that he has never built anything like this or seen anything like this project that i have made. This China Hutch is all hardwood with raised pannel sides. My drawrs are all hardwood dovetail oak. The corners are significant because instead of a 90 degree angle my front corners are turnings. I had originally intended to take this project to the Fort Hays State University industrial arts show to win the the show but we didnt get it done in time. I hope you like it because i do. thank you.

Brandon Seger







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bricofleur wrote re: China Hutch
on 05-13-2009 7:24 PM

Congrats Brandon,

This is nice work. Well done. This is an impressive, very elaborate and ornate hutch. I understand why you're proud of it. I know there are many hours invested into this project.

Again, congrats.



Trubs wrote re: China Hutch
on 05-14-2009 2:24 AM

Brandon, with skills like these you have every right to brag, but do it quietly and with modesty.The workmanship and finish are outstanding and I wish you every success in your future projects.

Ziffy wrote re: China Hutch
on 05-22-2009 6:35 PM

Nice piece Brandon... I wish I could do as well.  Go ahead, brag a little, and feel good about it!  What's up next?