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Random Orbit Buffer

To prevent rust from eating my tool surfaces and to get slipery pathways, I knew I had to apply paste wax regularly.  What a chore! To ease the operation on my arms and elbows, and to make it quicker, I found this clever idea that facilitate the process. As simple as cutting a piece of thick felt that I purchased at a fabric store, droping it on the desired surface to be treated, placing my random orbit sander equiped with a coarse disk on it, the motor does the job. The only task dedicated to my arm is to steer the tool all around the surfaces to buff the dried wax.   Please note that the felt must be have a bigger diameter so the disk won't sand the surface of the tools. Also, as shown on the attached photo, the felt do not have to be a perfect circle. Another tip: When polishing your band saw, pinch the blade with your free hand when you buff the table surface close to it so the felt won't be grabed by the blade's teeth (unless you take the time to withdraw the blade).
You can see this Random Orbit Buffer on this page of my website.

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