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Twin Kitchen Hutches #3



My project, building two kitchen hutches for my dinning room, is coming along well. As you can see on this picture, a dry assembly has been done, screw holes have been predrilled and all joints have been checked.

I've started to post every steps and every details on my website. I will include all photos and videos so the project will be very easy to follow. I will post each and every techniques that I will use to build those lovely twin hutches. I've been thinking of building them for two years.

The real goal is not having two new hutches in the dinning room, the real goal is having fun building them. I believe this is the secret of happiness.

To get linked to the twin hutches pages of my website, click here.





Brandon Seger wrote re: Twin Kitchen Hutches #3
on 05-13-2009 8:51 PM

hey thank you. that means alot. it looks like you have a neat set going yourself. That will be nice to have two matching hutches

bradley59 wrote re: Twin Kitchen Hutches #3
on 05-14-2009 8:22 AM

Looking great Serge! Can't wait to see the finished product.Having fun is what it's all about! Regards,bb

bricofleur wrote re: Twin Kitchen Hutches #3
on 05-20-2009 9:04 AM


Beside the fact two hutches will be nice, it is  essential to have two of those. Since there is a wide arch way beween the dinning room and the living room, I'm left with only 28" on either side. Narrow hutches was the answer for more storage, and as you mentionned, a nice option to enhance the 'decor'.