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Relocating the Radial Arm Saw


Old RAS location.



Testing the new location for comfort.




Since I couldn’t lift it, I raised the RAS by rocking it, one side after the other, on 2 X 10s until even with the counter top. And yes, I locked the wheels of the mobile base !



Then I pushed the RAS on the counter top and set it in place using lag screws.



Tada ! The next step will be redesigning the dust collection. The lumber rack is close in the backgroung.



To be inspired (or excited) by seeing more pictures of my basement workshop, click here.


Now, where do I store the old RAS base ???






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mountainaxe wrote re: Relocating the Radial Arm Saw
on 08-25-2009 7:41 AM

Nice shop...wish I had that kind of space.  I have a similar age Craftsman RAS and wonder why you would move it permanently to a stationary bench.  Unless you only use it for miter saw type work, you lose much of its capability because you can't get to the sides or move it around.  I've found that the really fun part of a RAS is the ability to utilize all the axillary features such as drilling, routing, etc.  The mobile base also gets the saw out of the way if you need to otherwise use valuable bench-top "real estate."