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Twin Kitchen Hutches #20



I have two options to make the beadboard panels that will fill the inside of the lower cupboard doors : The router outfitted with an appropriate bit or the tablesaw with a molding head cutter.


For the first test with the router, this is the router bit that I chose, a 3/8’’ diameter carving bit.




I used a guide clamp well clamped on a scrap piece of hardboard (Aspenite). This is the very interesting result with two passes, meening two setups with the guide clamp.





For the second test on the tablesaw I used a molding head cutter. Three cutters must be mounted on the molding head cutter. The tablesaw throat plate insert have been removed for the picture only.





This is the very interesting result with only one pass on the tablesaw. This is the technique that I will use for the doors.





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Popsnsons wrote re: Twin Kitchen Hutches #20
on 08-21-2009 9:20 AM

Hi Serge,

Someone gave me a molding head cutter along with some different cutters to attach to it.  I haven't experimented with it yet.  But now that I see the results I may have to try it soon.

bricofleur wrote re: Twin Kitchen Hutches #20
on 08-23-2009 8:30 AM

Hi Popsnsons,

You should definitely try it. As router bits are great to mill edge profiles, the molding head cutter will mill profiles within the perimeter of a board. I made several raised panel doors with this set on the radial arm saw and they turned out great. And the cutters ares cheaper than router bits !!!