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Old BBQ Cart Into a Shop Cart



Instead of throwing away my old BBQ cart, I made good use of it. As shown on the picture, I built a cabinet out of 3/4" MDF to stabilize the flimsy frame of the BBQ stand, added three shelves and installed this small router table, which is dedicated to a chamfering station, and my benchtop router/shaper. I keep the extra shelf for the stock to be milled and/or accessories. I will add at least one drawer in the lower cabinet to store more accessories. A door would have been nice but the wheel would be in the way.


In my basement workshop, it's important to have my tools on wheels. But his time, at no cost.


To be honest, I also saved two BBQ carts my neighbours threw away last fall and click here to see them on my website.


I believe this is good recycling and good use of junk! Practical too! 










DUSTY MILLER wrote re: Old BBQ Cart Into a Shop Cart
on 09-08-2009 3:00 AM

Hey your learning its what the eye sees to others a piece of junk? To you and me something worth while and useable?And its now a workshop cart to house a machine that is transportable around the workshop.Waste not want not? As i say there are only 2 good machines in the world that can produce beautiful work from timber either recycled or off the timber rack? THATS YOUR BRAIN AND YOUR HANDS?ONE THINKS THE OTHER PRODUCES.Well done on your cart .

bricofleur wrote re: Old BBQ Cart Into a Shop Cart
on 09-11-2009 9:53 AM

Hi Dusty,

I keep everything that for me as some potential. Probably why my shop is full of projects to come.