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  • Miter Saw Acute Angle Jig

    by bricofleur     Friday, May 14, 2010
    I’ve been thinking about making this jig for years. Since nice weather has arrived I have to make a picket fence. All slats will end to a sharp point, meaning I have to cut them at an acute angle. I used to do that on the tablesaw but each time...
  • Shopmade Clamp & Assembly Worktable

    by bricofleur     Friday, March 19, 2010
    I came up with this very unique and satisfying version of a clamp worktable, made right here in my shop, using material from my sheet goods scrap pile. I designed it so I could use my collection of ordinary and fast action vise clamps meant to be used...
  • Twin Kitchen Hutches #52

    by bricofleur     Sunday, January 24, 2010
    To proceed gluing the face frames, I raise the casings on these shopmade I-beams. Doing so, I’ll be able to slip the clamps under the casings. I spread a moderate amount of glue and insert the biscuits. As shown, I proceed with one hutch at a time...
  • Twin Kitchen Hutches #50

    by bricofleur     Sunday, January 10, 2010
    I install the face frames on the upper hutches to mark for the biscuits. To do so, I use a block of wood to align the lower ends. I’m using bar clamps to temporarily set the face frames and get a small T-square and a pencil. At each 8-10 inches...
  • Twin Kitchen Hutches #40

    by bricofleur     Saturday, November 28, 2009
    After drawing the center line, I trace on a piece of hardboard each half from the paper pattern I made earlier. Here is the result. Note that an optical illusion from the camera shows the bottom of the lines curved towards the inside. I’m making...
  • Blind Nailing/Screwing Jigs or Workshop Tongs

    by bricofleur     Thursday, September 17, 2009
    How many mistakes are made and how much time is spent taking mesurements to locate exactly where to drive nails or screws, or drill a hole from behind ? For a shelf, a bracket, a door pull, a bookcase, a stud division in an open drywall, etc ? No more...
  • Twin Kitchen Hutches #26

    by bricofleur     Monday, September 14, 2009
    This is the final step, installing decorative cove moldings under the top shelves. A thin bead of glue is enough and will prevent glue squeeze out. I drive few pin nails to hold the moldings while the glue set. Finally, here are the two completed hutches...
  • No More Tipping Trim Router

    by bricofleur     Monday, July 27, 2009
    Trim routers are great tools, but the base is so narrow that they have the tendancy to tip over when milling edges. While one hand holds the router itself and steers, there is not much room to grab the tool with the other hand to hold it flat. And when...
  • Relocating the Radial Arm Saw

    by bricofleur     Wednesday, June 24, 2009
    Old RAS location. Testing the new location for comfort. Since I couldn’t lift it, I raised the RAS by rocking it, one side after the other, on 2 X 10s until even with the counter top. And yes, I locked the wheels of the mobile base ! Then I pushed...
  • Twin Kitchen Hutches #5

    by bricofleur     Sunday, June 7, 2009
    After my last mistakes have been managed, I was able to go on building the base cupboards of the twin kitchen hutches. It is very satisfying to realize that any mistake can be solved after few moments or few days thinking about a solution. The most important...
  • Twin Kitchen Hutches #4 - Two mistakes, one after the other

    by bricofleur     Saturday, May 30, 2009
    Two mistakes, one after the other. When I cut the shelves for the base cabinets of the hutches, I omitted the sub-top shelf on which the top shelf will be screwed on. Since I didn’t have enough material, I had to make a supplementary glue-up with...
  • Router Table Angled Dado Jig

    by bricofleur     Thursday, May 21, 2009
    Milling angled dadoes, angled sliding dovetails and angled rabbets have always been a challenge. I use these joints when building ladder bookcases, louvers, railings and several decorative elements. This sled is perfect to mill 90° dovetailed dadoes...
  • Making a Router Pattern Guide

    by bricofleur     Sunday, May 17, 2009
    When building the base of my twin hutches I had to cut four identical decorative cutouts. Since I had four identical cuts to make, it was worthed to build a pattern guide to ease the operation and make it quick and accurate. Using such pattern guide with...
  • Upgraded Mitersaw Station - Times 3 - Times 16

    by bricofleur     Thursday, May 7, 2009
    This is how I have upgraded my mitersaw station. Made out of 3/4"-thick MDF, this 16 drawers 8'-long X 18"-deep X 8"-high nest raise up the station at a confortable height for my 6' tall person, providing at the same time plenty...
  • Multi-Purpose Jig

    by bricofleur     Thursday, April 23, 2009
    I designed and built this jig because I felt it was awkward and hazardous to rout through a workpiece overhanged over the edge of a workbench. I wanted a safe way to rout slots, large holes or patterns on a solid and secure base. I soon found out that...