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Winter 2013-2014

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Time to Make Chips


It has been a while since my last post.  I have spent a lt of time with the design tools and preparing my shop for the Robot.

I have a new Dust Collector and a cyclone seperator connected to the robot.  While it is called a dust collector one of the items we learned in Class is that you get cleaner cuts and longer bit life if you are making chips.  Adust depth and cut rate to get a good clean cut. 

The new workbench puts the Shopbot at a convenient height.  I have a set of padded floor mats in front of the bench.  I have the dust collector and the Shopbot plugged into the same power cord.  This will help prevent differences in voltage. I still need to run grounds wires through all the hoses. So far I have used the battery in my laptop. This reduces the problems with power glitches as motors start and stop.

The Robot will make lots of chips.  And you will need access to all sides of the machine for clearing dust and securing your workpiece.

Mentioning securing the workpiece. This is very different on the MDF base than the tradional wood working.  The cuts are all relative to the gantry.  So any small variation in the work surface will affect the cut.  This can even be the sites where the last work piece was screwed down.  I have attached a coupld of pictures that show the ring that was puled up. 

 and the piece that I chiselled off

After each time you screw a work piece down take a moment to make sure that the surface is smooth for the next time.

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