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October 2014


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  • Half-Round Table

    Here's one of my first serious woodworking projects, completed quite a few years ago. It's a simple version of a classic form: the demi-lune table, popular in the Federal period. My kids called it a "half-round" table, and the name stuck...
    Posted to Tom Caspar by Tom Caspar on 02-18-2009
  • Forums are now open

    Welcome to American Woodworker's new website. We're still under a bit of construction so I thank you for your patience. However, several new forums have been setup and I invite you to jump in and post a questions or start a conversation. I look...
    Posted to R Johnson by R Johnson on 02-17-2009
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  • Instant Drawers

    Large plastic boxes, the kind that restaurants use for bussing dishes, are perfect for shop drawers. They’re strong, durable and lightweight, plus they have built-in handles. They’re perfect for storing and transporting workshop essentials...
  • Laguna LT16 3000 Bandsaw

    Just wondering if anyone has any feedback regarding Laguna's LT16 3000 Bandsaw.
    Posted to ednorton3 by ednorton3 on 02-17-2009
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  • Finish First

    Discovering this mid-19th century piece in an Iowa antique shop reminded me how important it is to think about the finish for a piece early on, during the planning stage. The builder of this cupboard sure understood this notion. At first glance, it appears...
    Posted to Tim Johnson by Tim Johnson on 02-15-2009
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  • Restoring A Drop-Leaf Table 2

    After removing the top from this table, I discovered more signs of the hand of the maker. . The cross-brace under the top is dovetailed into the sides. Again, overcuts reveal the way the joints were made. The corners were reinforced with the customary...
    Posted to Tom Caspar by Tom Caspar on 02-15-2009
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  • Restoring A Drop-Leaf Table 1

    Here's the beginning of a story that I hope will have a happy ending. It's about a humble drop-leaf kitchen table that I stumbled on at an antique store. Nothing special-but it was all made by hand, as you'll see in the photos below. My goal...
    Posted to Tom Caspar by Tom Caspar on 02-14-2009
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  • No. 81 Scraper 1

    Let me just say it straight out–I love hand tools. They're quiet, fun to use, and connect me with woodworkers of long ago. But most importantly, they often get the job done faster and better than power tools. That's right: faster and better...
    Posted to Tom Caspar by Tom Caspar on 02-14-2009
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  • No. 81 Scraper 2

    Picking up where I left off, the next step in tuning up the No. 81 is to flatten its sole. This particular tool still had its original rosewood sole, which was in very good condition. Flattening it was quite easy, using a full sheet of 120 grit sandpaper...
    Posted to Tom Caspar by Tom Caspar on 02-14-2009
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  • Shop Built Kiln For Lumber

    I have been looking through all my old Woodwork magazines to find an article about a shop built kiln for drying lumber. As I recall it is in the Woodwork magazine, however since they are now owned by Amercan Woodworker I cannot access their website to...
    Posted to toolsintx by toolsintx on 02-14-2009
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  • About Us

    We're glad you're here. Welcome to the new web site! American Woodworker magazine, A New Track Media publication, has been the premier publication for woodworkers all across America for decades. We are committed to providing...
  • I think I'll get this dust collector

    I've been shopping around a bit and I pretty sold on Oneida. They are really helpful and said they will design my pipes for free. the pipes won't be cheap, but at least the design will be good. Here's the one I'm looking at. Anybody have...
    Posted to Joe C by Joe C on 02-12-2009
  • Giveaway entry trouble

    I have been having trouble entering the giveaway and wondered if anyone else was experiencing the same trouble?
    Posted to R. Craig Chisman by R. Craig Chisman on 02-11-2009
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  • Table saw for my new shop

    I'm thinking about getting a General tablesaw with an Excalibar guard. Has anyone used one of these guards? Do you like it? .
    Posted to Joe C by Joe C on 02-10-2009
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  • My new shop

    I'm planning an new shop and thought others might enjoy seeing it progress. I'm still in the planning stage but I hope to break ground in the spring. I used the Grizzly shop tool to lay it out, although I won't have all Grizzly tools. i do...
    Posted to Joe C by Joe C on 02-10-2009
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