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Been a while since I had something to get me back into 'an' old love.... the love of woodworking.  My wife gave me a great birthday present this year, a truely upgraded Scroll Saw.  The Excalibur 21.  Right out of the packing box, set up was a breeze, was up and running within 30 minutes.  Now that's not to say I couldn't have had her hooked up and running sooner, the company made it very simple.  Could have been out of the box on my work bence and running within 5 minutes.  However, guess I did a bit of admiring of the true quality of this gem, and reviewing the features of this fabulous tool.  The wife also bought the EX-21 - special made - work stand.  Another plus for me.  Am I bragging??  I guess.  It's not often a man gets a wood working tool he'd dreamed of having - some day. 

Have you got anything you'd like to add/warn me about/tell me about when it comes to this specific tool?  I've read a few reviews, and beginning to believe the good and bad are in the eye of the beholder.  I'll try a few different blades on a few different materials to get an idea what best suits me and the saw.  

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Tom Caspar wrote re: Scroll Saw
on 03-30-2009 8:06 AM

Hi Don,

Thanks for blogging. Looks like a great saw. What kind of woodworking are you getting back into?

Tom Caspar


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thughes wrote re: Scroll Saw
on 05-16-2010 8:48 PM

Just bought the EX21 scroll saw 3 weeks ago.  This saw lives up to all the reviews I've read and more.  I have been looking at this saw for over a year.  Finally had to make a decision due to the demise of my old AMT 16".  Like going from a Yugo to aCadilac.