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Every one has a skill this person has a skill THE TEDDY BEAR ,Real Teddy Bear Story. How did toy bears come to be named after President Theodore Roosevelt? It all started with a hunting trip President Roosevelt took in 1902 in Mississippi at the invitation of Mississippi Governor, Andrew H. Longino.Everyone all ages love teddy bears . This lady makes each one by hand hours of work are put into each bear so each one is unique . Im very pleased to announce Ted !!


Ted has been completely stitched by hand " no sewing machine used" Ted is based loosely on a old patten I found on the internet ive

tweaked ive re shaped him gave him so much detail an charterer from a shabby old circus bear to a vintage bear with a twist i hope you all love him as much as I do x an just look at that little tail i gave him so sweet

CRK Crafts Limited Edition Clair bearp

only one made with tags an certificate £35

7 x 5 inch Ted the bear


Handmade with love as always Clair Bear Real Teddy  As teddy bears need a place to sleep will be  making teddy bear beds out of reclaimed timbers . designed to each bears looks . .I like people who have talent that sometimes goes unnoticed ,These i think are amazing and all hand made ,not made by machine that turns out 1000s a day . THESE ARE UNIQUE .