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 Well my kids and I are building a variety of projects using the shopbot.

I am building some wall signs using the mill to honor all our past State Champions we have had in SkillsUSA.  Here is what I have done right now I will post a picture when I am done... I engraved the logo and lettering then used a sharie to color it in... worked great!  My plan is to build one for Technical Drafting, Architectural Drafting , and Cabinetmaking. 

 I also have one student who is evolving (He was a State Champion Technical Drafter as a 10th Grader).  He is playing around with a prototype for a Planetary Gear Box Housing.  As You Can See It is a Little more advanced than most items... He doing the tool paths for this on Mastercam.


I also had a number of student who were ahead do a pocket activity in my Intro to CAD course they thought it was pretty neat that they could take what they drew and then use that geometry to build something !

One spur-of- the- moment thing that I did last Friday after I found out that they were having a benefit for my neighbor who was injured in an ambulance call-he is a volunteer fire fighter.  Is that I made a Iowa Hawkeye wall sign they auctioned off for over $150… I thought that was pretty good since they got beat the past two weeks in a row… the Hawkeye symbol price has declined in the past two weeks that is for sure.  I didn’t take a picture but It looked great!

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