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Getting Ready For SkillsUSA


I am taking a team of three students to this year’s State SkillsUSA Automated Manufacturing Contest that will take place this spring-  This is the reason I wanted the Desktop and entered the contest-each team must be able to take their own benchtop mill much like the the Shopbot Desktop.  In the school I was at before-MOC-FV in Orange City, Iowa I had a number of teams win this contest and even place in the top 4 at the National Contest that took place in Kansas City.  The real neat thing is that a few of these students went on to college and competed in the same contest at the post-secondary level and were National Champions. I hope to have the same successes with kids here at Fort Dodge!

One of my 3 students is getting pretty good at running tool paths and then producing 3D parts using the ShopBot in my CAD LAB.  As you can see with the pictures he drew the part using Autodesk Inventor and then developed the tool paths.  We used foam board for the material which worked good because you can machine it out fast in the class period that we have.  You should have seen the pack of student around the mill when he was running this part... It was pretty special not to mention the spark in many of the younger students eyes. 


         This is a picture of the part the student had to draw in Inventer                                                                                                                                                          

This is the Toolpaths of the 3D Part


Here is the finished part.  Just had to cut it out with a utility knife-Now that is an educatio



Thank you American Woodworker and Shopbot for making this happen!

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