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My thoughts about the Desktop....


I would like to say after playing with the Mill that I am impressed with many of it’s features!  The first thing I like is the Spindle…. As an educator I was used to using a “Techno” that often had a small router installed on their machine  The Desktop spindle is quiet and with the ½” and ¼” spindle attachment it allows for a lot of different cutters.

The Z Clearance plate is great!  I never had anything like this before and that is probably the best thing about the machine!  You talk about a time saver……  Now if they can make it work with a X and Y axis….. Get to work on that one production people….

The package also comes with a lot of engraving features that allows you to make professional looking signs...  It is a pretty simple process.

The one thing that directions said to do with the desktop was to install a sacrificial board and then surface it for the table of the router…. It then said to use double sided tape to secure your work pieces….  I found this not to be a good idea… I got rid of the table right away and purchased some CAM clamps to use in the Slot table that comes with the machine.  I don’t like my work coming loose with 90% of it complete….

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