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I bet a number of people wonder -do if I do anything related to woodworking?  And the answer to that question is yes! In fact, Fort Dodge had the State SkillsUSA Champion Cabinetmaker the Past 3 years and last year we also placed 2nd and 3rd in the contest.  Before I came to Fort Dodge I had the State Champion Cabinetmaker 5 years in a row (Orange City, Iowa).  Until now, I did not have much for woodworking but I have 3 classes this trimester that will allow students to do more in the woodworking areas.

Last week I sat down with a number of my independent study students and we figured out the ShopBot PartWorks Program that comes with the Router.  It was pretty simple to understand and with some of the templates that are already installed on the machines it is pretty easy to make nice looking signs like you see in this blog.  The only thing you have to be careful about is the speeds.  I did not like the feeds and speeds that the software automatically had in the program… way to fast… It also was taking too big Depth of cuts for me…  I always liked the rule of thumb ½ the distance for the diameter of your bit for a depth of each pass.

 My Students have big plans for my entry door coming into my shop… I think it will be pretty neat.

 I also have Ideas for Christmas…..

These Pictures are a plywood prototype of a sign we made… The real one will be made of Maple….

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