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Robotic Claw With SHOPBOT


Students used the SHOPBOT DESKTOP that was given to us by American Woodworker and SHOPBOT to fabricate parts for our robot that we used in the First Robotics Challenge this year.  The students did a great job designing and fabricating all the plastic parts and then mounting the servo motors/gears with it.  They are already talking about improvements for next year.  We also have been machining out some Corian counter top material that from a local shop. They make great cutting boards!  I also saw that you can machine out molds in the solid Corian and then pour lead into them for a casting activity.  Pretty neat Idea…. May have to a student design my ultimate fishing lead head!

Pictures are the gripper and a start of a inlay for the local shop that makes coutertops.  They gave us the Corian to machine out.


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