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Woodworking,A love love relationship.


Hello there,Today we are going to discuss the love of  Woodworking,and yes that's what i hear from woodworkers the world over,that they love woodworking.I have asked many of them why they love it so much and here are some of their responses."I love it because it relaxes me and releases the stresses of my day and life",another good one states,"I'm like a kid in a candy store again,all those different types & grades of  wood to work with gets my imagination going,it excites me",and finally,"mother nature at her best,the feel,the smell,the stunning pieces created from a blank slab of wood,i just love it".Those guys may seem a bit lonely to you but i know how they feel,even as a kid i was hooked on tools and building stuff.My dad was and still is a building contractor at seventy years of age and i was always getting into trouble as a kid because he could never find his tools,i would have his saw here,his hammer there,nailing this,cutting that,and i loved it and still do.

My take on woodworking is that it can be an enjoyable career or a wonderfully fun and exciting hobby.People who have a fun imagination and need a creative outlet would love woodworking.You can build projects from simple chairs,beds & bars to an entire living room set of furniture with all the bells and whistles comparable or even surpassing anything the top furniture stores have in  their showrooms.When you have so many types of wood to choose from it allows you to explore new avenues and design stunning pieces that are multi colored,combine mutiple wood types and just try new stuff.

Woodworking is rewarding in itself in many ways.First of is the obvious,if you can build it yourself you save money and who does'nt want to do that.When your creativity and imagination are constantly in high gear you tend to become more focused and determined,very positive attributes for anyone.Parents and kids can use woodworking to spend countless of hours together building bonds and family ties,and finally the feeling of accomplishment when you can step back and look at what you created with your own hands and be proud.To know that  so much of you was put into that piece,the bed you sleep on,the dining room ste your family eats at,the bar you serve your friends drinks at,i could go on but you know what i mean.

Best Regards,

E.C. Knowles.

My suggestion,begin a woodworking project and see where it takes you.Don't be surprised if you find yourself building a shed and buying tools,you may even end up with a workshop and showroom,it has happened so very many times before.Welcome to the club.

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