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tool advise/review- etc


I am new to woodworking, will be attending cabinetemaking 101 in the fall.  can someone direct me to a good tool review website? i would like to make an informed desision nor too expensive.  thank you

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bricofleur wrote re: tool advise/review- etc
on 06-02-2009 8:25 PM

Hi new future woodworkhalic *73,

I suggest you search on Google for "Tool Review". I got 122 million links. By the start of your seminars in fall, you shouldn't have completed the "reviews".

Good luck to you and come back again. And don't forget to trust your feelings, your tastes, your needs and your decor! Stretch your budget for quality. $50 dollars more can get you a tool that will last a life time. And don't buy something you don't like, even if it was recommended by pros.