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Delta Contractor Table Saw Fence


I need a new table saw fence.  Granted, Biesmeyer is the best; but, I can't afford the price.  Delta reccommended as a second choice their "T-3" model.  Can you make any reccommendation other than Delta/Biesmeyer?  Please reply and Thanks. 

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American Woodworker Editors wrote re: Delta Contractor Table Saw Fence
on 01-05-2010 11:48 AM

Other brands to consider are HTC, Shop Fox, Incra, Vega, and  Exaktor. You can view these and customer reviews at this  Amazon link!468240%2Cn%3A328182011%2Cn%3A552262%2Cn%3A552464%2Cn%3A552472&sort=reviewrank_authority

Another one to consider is Excalibur from General International:

Charlie wrote re: Delta Contractor Table Saw Fence
on 02-02-2010 11:03 AM

I've had a Delta Unifence since 1995 and it's been a great fence. It also has a couple features that other fences don't have. Plus it installs very easily on Delta Contractor table saws. If you have some patience every once in awhile a used one will show up.