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Why stop making a good thing





Well i hate when a co. stops making a good thing.  Like the Stanley planes from all the bedrock planes to the #2-#8. These are the best planes, esp. the bedrocks. i know you can get them on the web but a person like me wants to get them new with no mileage on them. i know the wood doesn't care but all the tools in my shop are mostly new, so it's kind of weird to pick up something that is old and and use it like its a new tool. Next thing to go is the delta unisaws. i guess delta is only going to make the hybrid and the contractor and the new unisaw. It 's cool but the new unisaw has mostly the same features as the old unisaws. i really see nothing that sets them apart besides the price.  And now stanley is going to come out with new hand planes but the collection won't be as lenthy as the old ones and they made them like the lee valley planes. i think they are  only going to the #4 smoother from the block planes and the rabbit planes.  Well i hope they are great to use like the old #2-#8 planes. i think they should have brought back the bedrocks myself and go head to head with lie nielson; that would be a good thing to see who sells more in a few years?

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