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My new shop


I'm planning an new shop and thought others might enjoy seeing it progress. I'm still in the planning stage but I hope to break ground in the spring.

I used the Grizzly shop tool to lay it out, although I won't have all Grizzly tools. i do plan to buy the a new drill press and grinder from them.

I've attached my first drawing. I'll post some photos as the project develops.




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Adam wrote re: My new shop
on 02-11-2009 7:15 AM

Hey that's pretty cool. The grizzly shop layout tool is free?

A J wrote re: My new shop
on 02-27-2009 6:44 PM

30 by 30, nice size. I am envious. Mine is 24 by 12 and I could use a few more feet in width. As it is, I drag a few tools in and out of position.