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Laser etching photos onto wood


After having such great success with etching my tree photos I couldn't wait to try other images.  I went through my entire archive of personal work and picked out images that I thought would look cool etched into wood.  Using what I had learned from making the photo album I picked out several images I thought would work. With a pile of lumber and a jump drive full of images I started etching. The first thing I found out was your choice of wood makes a huge difference.

The first piece of wood is fir and you can see how the laser etches the grain differently. I like the contrast and depth you get when etching soft wood but the grain is distracting.  The next image is done with a piece of exotic hardwood (can't remember the name). You can see that there is way more detail in this image and the grain is not distracting at all.

Here are two more examples of photos I etched

With some practice and a lot of trial and error I was able to make some pretty cool wood photos.


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American Woodworker Editors wrote re: Laser etching photos onto wood
on 09-28-2010 9:01 PM

Very Cool